Pictures of the tiles are shown on a separate page.

Apart from the tiles, there are also lots of plain, but very well preserved, vaulting ribs. These were formally the ribs of the vault of the refectory undercroft. They came from the front garden of Abbey House, part of which was excavated before the garage was built.
Between the ribs were packed quite crude stones which now form the boundaries of the front garden floor beds!

It is instructive that the stones forming the flower bed walls have deteriorated rapidly since the 1980’s whereas the ribs, which have been kept dry, are in virtually perfect condition, complete with mason’s marks.
Over the years people also tended to place in the hut anything else that ‘looked interesting’ with the result that bits of it look a bit like a scrap yard.

Sometimes you will also find some domestic stuff in there because, temporarily, we’ve nowhere else to put it.