Use:  *to keep warm, drink wine or take other dietary indulgence (WARD) (e.g.: meat);  *to grease shoes, warm themselves and let blood (HOPE).

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outh west of the room was not excavated because it lies under a garden.
*A drain and big fireplace were found in 1879:  *the window by the side of the fireplace has a well-preserved drain in the sill with a stone pipe running through the wall (H80) *windows on the east side with a sink in the nearest           (WARD).  Their only fireplace (H80).
The exterior has a very bold and well preserved Early English base moulding carried most effectively round the projecting chimney.  The octagonal stone top of the chimney itself was found in clearing the earth (H80).
*Apparently (WARD) *Undoubtedly (H80) vaulted. 
*Small door from the Slype (HOPE)  *Direct entrance from the cloister (the north wall is in line with the south side of the cloister).
The lower walls are 13th century (WARD).
The common room