Coverham Abbey

North Yorkshire, not far from Middleham.  On private land but visible from the church

Abbey of St Mary of Charity

Founded in or before 1187 at Swainby by Helewesia daughter of Ranulph de Glanville as a daughter of *Sulby (CLAPHAM)  *Newhouse (THOMPSON).  Moved to Coverham1196/7-1202 and Ranulph fitzRobert, son of the founder, became patron.  Probably colonised with canons from Durford and possibly Welbeck (CLAPHAM).  By 1232 Welbeck had taken over its parentage.  There is confusion over this:  ‘commissioners (abbots of Bayham and Titchfield) overturned the swap and returned things’ (THOMPSON)

Church built 13th and 14th century (CLAPHAM)

Canons soon increased from 13 to over 20;  1380: 15 canons + abbot + 1 laybrother;  1475:  abbot + 18 canons including 2 novices;  1498:  abbot + 16;  time of Henry VIII:  20 religious

1331/2 abbey destroyed by the Scots and impoverished

Net income c. 1535:  £160

Surrendered 1536 (KNOWLES)

Remains include part of 13th century E end of church, N transept, 2 bays of 14th century south arcade of nave.  Part of west range is used as a house;  ruins of gatehouse.  See VCH Yorks, N Riding, I, p. 217 (CLAPHAM)