The tower crossing
The pier bases are dissimilar:  the south west and north west are similar and Decorated;  the south east is designed to look like the north east and is Early English.
Beneath the north east base is a large square chamfered base of an earlier date - possibly a foundation stone of Depedale Priory?   (H79).  NB Late 20th century expert opinion is that there is nothing on the site predating 1200, so nothing of Depedale Priory.
The north-east pier of the crossing and the spiral stairs are 13th century, the other piers rebuilt or modified in the 14th century.  Several tower ceiling vaulting ribs were found in the crossing (WARD).
*The south east pier was not big enough for tower, therefore it was strengthened (WARD).
*The pier bases were recased for strengthening at the beginning of the 14th century – for a stone spire? (C41).
A spiral staircase led to the rood loft and belfry.  
6 bells weighing 47 cwt were unsold at the suppression.  Legend says one or two went to Lincoln Cathedral, but there is no foundation for this.
Ribs and chamfered shafts of the tower were found.
Many uncoffined interments were found in the tower area (H79).