Sources, mostly Harvey Cross and Maud Hollingworth, Ball ‘Aspects’

Wells:  by triangle, still not filled in (1980s)
 Church (now Verger’s) Farm yard
 Hagg House spring at bottom of orchard, never froze
 fetched water from Furnace Pond in dry season for cows
Abbey well filled in, probably in the 1930’s. Prior to that it was the water supply for Abbey House, a galvanised pipe leading to a hand pump in the kitchen.

The Hermit’s well is still in place and  the water is still running but it’s out of the way on private land.

George Futers remembers one in Abbey House’ driveway

 NW corner of orchard (Ball)

Workhouse: Hickson’s Lane, run by church

Roads: thought to be rut and furrow till c. 1912, when surfaced

Butcher: came to Carpenter’s once a week

Pubs:  Carpenter’s Arms built by John Hollingworth, Maud’s father’s uncle.

The Stanhope Arms was located at ‘the Flourish’, on the ‘top road’ between Spondon and Ilkeston

Buses: Chambers bus 5d return through Dale and Stanton to Ilkeston when Chris Cross (wife of Harvey) was in her early teens
There were frequent buses to Celanese (Spondon) -
Billinghams, Fletchers, Pounders, Fred Edwards from 5.30 am onwards in the 1920s.
In 1950s buses went to Ilkeston;  weekend service from village centre to Ilkeston.  Also a daily service along the top road (Ball p. 53)

Dale: historic amenities