Dale societies and structures
Sources:  Harvey Cross and Maud Hollingworth, Jowett Burton, Pioneer 1853 and 1858

Manor Court:  Earl Stanhope, lord of manor and peculiar court, held annually

Society for the Prosecution of Felons:
court in Manor House, sent people to gaol . Michael Barker, pigfarmer, still in it
AGM reported in Derby Evening Telegraph, 1 April 1981, p.15

Arrangements for the poor:  
1846 Scargill and Risley schools had 8 children free
Smedley’s Alms Houses, Ilkeston
Workhouse stood on dip of land below Sandiacre Lodge Farm, near top end of Hixons Lane (Jowett Burton)

Sick Societies:
'Sick and Annual' met in the pub.  Harvey Cross’s Dad was the secretary.  Also Charlie Green

Odd Fellows
2d per week subscription for support if off work.  Had silk banner.  29th anniversary celebrated 18 May 1853, 120 members, assets £1500
Friendly Benefit Society
29th anniversary of Sick Club celebrated 18 May 1853 by members dining together.  Walked round village first, then to church where sermon by Revd J.G. Howard, rector of Stanton and Dale.  Marched down to clubroom led by band playing National Anthem and had ‘sumptuous dinner’.  Robert
Murray, medical officer to club, led ‘toasts, songs and sentiments’ ‘and the evening was spent in the most agreeable and harmonious manner.  This club has now been in existence thirty-years – it numbers about 120 members – and its funds are in a very flourishing condition, having money and property to the amount of £1500.’  (Pioneer Jun 1853)

Anniversary Whit Wed. 1858, in church, then processed round village to room
‘where a bountiful dinner was provided’.  Revd J.G. Howard presided, several honorary members present.  ‘The society numbers nearly 100 members and is in a flourishing condition, their capital being nearly £1700’.  (Pioneer 3 Jun 1858)

'Sick and Annual', Oddfellows and Friendly Benefit Society look to be one and the same.