Methodist Chapel

Source:  Ilkeston Pioneer Sep 1857

Passing strange.  The following is an exact transcript of a placard printed at Ilkeston and circulated in this locality: - ‘Primitive Methodist Chapel, Dale Abbey.  On Sunday, September 6th, 1857, two sermons will be preached in the above chapel, by Mr M’ Pickard, of Mapperley Brook.  Service to commence at half-past 2 in the morning, and at 6 in the evening.  Collections will be made at the close of each service in aid of liquidating debts incurred by purchasing furniture for the above chapel.’  Public conjecture is at a loss to divine the reason for this invitation to attend at Dale Abbey at so unseasonable an hour, unless it be that brother Matthew’s fellow workmen at West Hallam works are not disposed to listen to his counsels at any other time.  Parties who desire to know whether the ‘furniture’ referred to consists of certain night conveniences considered necessary by the friends in a place where meetings are held at such unusual hours, or to a peculiar construction of a house or kitchen ranges recently patented by a gentleman who is more devoted to business than the ministry, are respectfully solicited to attend as above at 2½ o’clock on Sunday morning next.’

The building was nearly destroyed by fire in 1844 but was re-built (WHITE).