The aunt and godmother of Serlo de Grendon (see Serlo de Grendon).

He gave her Depedale (WARD) and the waste land which lies between the lane which runs from the north gate of Boyah to the west as far as le Cockeysiche and Brunesbrok, the latter possibly between here and Kirk Hallam (CLARK).

*Her house lies under Roger d'Alesby's pond (see Roger d'Alesby) during the making of which, in Thomas de Musca's day, worked stones of her house were found (WARD).
*Her house was ‘a small distance southward’ of her chapel (PILKINGTON quoted by DUGDALE).  (That would make it closely jammed under the sandstone escarpment.)
Her house's pond might be near the south-east corner of the Abbey field where there more recently was a tanyard (KERRY).  He also says ‘the mansion…was on the higher land eastward of us, inclining to the south.  (Would this be the field with the humps and the bog?)

She built a chapel, traditionally on the site of the present church.
It was not near her house.  Her son Richard ministered in her chapel (WARD).