Dale Abbey village

Around 1890, contemporary records speak of the pall of smoke hanging over Dale village. At that date it had two collieries (up in the fields behind the Carpenter’s Arms) and a sand quarry, the later serving Stanton Ironworks via a tramway that went straight across the road in front of the Carpenter’s Arms.

In contrast Dale has now become a rural oasis between the cities of Nottingham and Derby, boasting not only the remains of the Abbey but also a semi-detached church of unusual character, one remaining thatched building (if you can find it) and a genuine Hermit’s cave.
Dale’s ‘little church’ of
All Saints.

Now semi-detached to a Victorian farmhouse, it was formally attached to a thatched pub, the Blue Bell.
The Hermit’s cave

This is where it all started!
In the eighteenth century, it  once more functioned as a home.