Augustinian Canons

They wore black habits. They eventually became canons regular, i.e. took the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, but were ordained priests as well and therefore could be attached to local churches;  they had a teaching and pastoral ministry;  their churches were less parochial and their rules were less rigorous than the Benedictines’ (WARD).
They were given Depedale by Serlo de Grendon (see Serlo de Grendon) and the Gomme (see Gomme) (CLARK).
They founded Depedale Priory between 1149 and 1157 (WILLIS).
The Gomme's son Richard became one of the priory's canons (CLARK).
They built or rebuilt the nave and chancel of the little church (see Little Church : foundation) (WILLIS).
A piece of their stone work can be found in the south foundation of "Mr Wright's barn near the windmill" (KERRY).
Their prior was called Humphrey: his canons Nicholas and Simon (both of whom had had university training in Paris), 2 others and a Humphrey (Thomas de Musca's 2nd source (see Chronicle)).
The priory was-not well endowed by anyone other than the de Grendons, so it quickly became desolate and poverty–stricken.

They were expelled at a date some time between 1175 and 1185 (CLARK).