Beeleigh Abbey

Essex, near Malden.  A private property

Abbey of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Nicholas

Founded before 1180 by Robert Mantell, lord of Little Marlow, for canons of Great Parndon.

2 aisle chapter house.  13th century warming-house intact.  Dorter intact but no signs of cubicles.  Refectory apparently on the ground floor (CLAPHAM)

The usual 13 canons increased to 15;  1488 13 religious including 4 novices;  1497 abbot and 12 religious including 3 novices;  1500 abbot and 10 religious including 3 novices

Income in 1291:  over £41

Affiliation transferred to Durford in 14th century

9 canons maintained after dissolution in 1536 (KNOWLES)

Retains range E of cloister, converted into a house;  has 13th century chapter house and warming house with dorter above.  See Fowler and Clapham:  Beeleigh Abbey  (CLAPHAM)