Canons part 1
There is a list of over 100 Dale Abbey canons in C40C, complied from M.

Dale Abbey canons ministered in the churches of Ilkeston, Heanor, Stanton-by-Dale, and Kirk Hallam (CLARK).

Such 'beneficed canons' had to maintain close connection with the abbey, were encouraged to eat in the refectory, but were spiritually subject to the bishop and to episcopal visitations and taxes (COLVIN).
Walter de Senteney brought 4 named canons from Newhouse:  in 1200 John de Byford (son of Baldwin, a friend of Peter de Gausela who founded Newhouse);  Hugh de Grimsby; Roger d'Alesby and William *de (C40) *le (PAGE, C40C) Sores;  also 4 unnamed (C40C).
Date unknown:  Michael, canon of Candida Casa (Whithorn) was at Dale.
Bertram de Grendon, whose body was given to Dale Abbey by his brother William (C40);  recorded c. 1240 (C40C).
c. 1240 Geoffrey de *Guwell (C41) *Southwell (CLARK), Roger de Derby canon  under the abbacy of John Grauncorth (1233-1253), the latter still going under Abbot Lawrence

1289 (C41);  William de Hagnaby, a Depedale canon, became a Dale Abbey canon (C40).
Jan 1272/3 John de Baucwelle is commissioned by Richard de Edensor of Tissington to make a covenant with Thomas Foljambe, bailiff of the Peak, concerning rents at Longston (C40C).
c. 1290 Edmund Pouche or Zouche, apostate lay-brother.
Robert de Derby writes an appeal on behalf of Edmund Pouche, an apostate lay-brother.
1298 Simon de Radford was vicar at Kirk Hallam (KH).