Barlings Abbey

Also called Oxeney.  Abbey of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Founded 1154/5, daughter of Newhouse;  founded by Ralph de Haya – first on a site called Barling Grange, but soon moved to the island of Oxeney in the same parish.

Tower built over the crossing in 14th century (CLAPHAM)

1383 and 86-7 and 1393, abbot made visitor, alon with abbot of Welbeck (THOMPSON)

Original colony of canons soon increased from 13 to 17, then to 26 and later to well over 30;  33 in 1377, 27 in 1412;  20 in 1488;  23 in 1535;  20 in 1536 (KNOWLES)

1482 abbot William Burton of Welbeck sent here for punishment (THOMPSON)

Net income c. 1535:  £242.  In 1412 recorded as very poor and in debt

The last abbot, Mathew Mackarel, who was also a suffragan bishop, and 6 of his canons were condemned to death (26 Mar 1537) after the Lincolnshire rising, and were executed.

Suppressed 1537 by attainder;  12 other canons were turned out penniless (KNOWLES).

Only surviving bit is 14th century NW pier of central tower with adjoining portions of transept and N aisle of the nave, both vaulted in stone  (CLAPHAM)