Abbots of Dale Abbey.
It is rare to have a list of all the abbots in an abbey's lifetime but such a list has survived for Dale Abbey.  It is in the British Museum (ref. Cott. Vesp. E. 26), together with the Dale Chronicle (see Chronicle) (H83).
The list is highly accurate (to the week during the years between 1233 and 1332 (C40)) and records *19 abbots (C41) *18 (WHITE).  It was written in the *early 16th century by a contemporary of the last 2 abbots, whose names were added later (H83).  
*Last 2 abbots’ details in an early 16th century hand (C41).  Details of the first *three abbots (H83) *2 abbots were taken from the Dale Chronicle (C41).
The list as compiled by Colvin is reproduced PREMONS.
Period:  312 years, 6 weeks, 1 day (WHITE).